USA Bank Account with Debit Card . Master or Visa

USA Bank Account with Debit Card Master or Visa
Direct Deposit (ACH Services)
Online Banking & Internet Purchase
Card-To-Card Fund Transfer
Withdraw Money From ATM
Carries Your Money Safe & Secured
Prepaid & Re-loadable
1.You can accept Direct Deposit from Banks in USA.
2. It is build with Routing Number & Account Number.
3. It is ACH enabled. You may start withdraw funds from PayPal, AlertPay, Google Adsense, CJ, and much more.
4. ATM card can be used to withdraw from any atm which has Master or Visa logo.
5. Bank account can be issued on any name and any country address.
6. Courier charges extra for sending the card. Please send us your details through contact us form after purchasing the account.

Monthly Maintenance Fee
Domestic Load Fee
Domestic ATM Withdrawal
International ATM Withdrawal
Phone Card Re-Load
Phone Card Load Fee
Inactivity Fee
Domestic Pin Based POS Fee
Signature-Based Purchase Fee
International Signature based Purchase Fee
ACH Debit Fee to card holder
Card-to-Card Transfer Fee
Internet Inquiry Fee
ACH Credit Fee to card holder
International Load Fee
VISA Card issued directly
Reactivation Fee

NOTE: Applicable charges can change from time to time.
Price USD 300$
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