This name alone conveys some negative emotions for many people. Feelings of being scammed and feelings of being ripped off. Many of us have put big hopes into PayPal because of their dominant position in the payment processing business but this has ultimately shattered because of this firm abuse.
For no reasons whatsoever you get your account limited or frozen because of some silly and incomprehensible reasons that goes beyond logic. It would have been better if they offer us a list of all do’s and don’ts so that customers will have known what they are allowed or not. This is simply beyond their ability or they simply do not want to do it. This is the reason people search for alternative ways like VCC and avsvcc. VCC means virtual credit card (works as substitute to credit card) and AvsVcc means Address Verification System Virtual Credit Card(Helpful for Online USA payments. All online credit card payments in USA check for AVS so virtual cards are created with avs called as AvsVcc).
Additionally do not speak of their customer service that will only offer you a template email with just the name of the agent being changed. You can count on the fingers of a single hand the amount of disputes that has been resolved by PayPal through their customer service.
You just have to do a quick search on the Internet to find out the number of complaints that are available against PayPal because of their unethical behavior. People are losing thousands of dollars because of a company’s lack of consideration for its customers. I do not foresee PayPal going far with this kind of corporate policy. In the meantime how do we proceed with the lack of alternatives?
The only way out is to abide by the rules of PayPal-at least the ones that we know and are fully aware of. Verify your Paypal account with a credit card and make sure that you are using your account for a rightful purpose. Do not get involved in any illegal activities. But what if you are already in trouble?

This is where we can be helpful. With our whole host of services we can help to get your PayPal account unblocked, verified and going in less time that you will ever imagine.
We offer Virtual Credit Card (VCC) and AvsVcc to help you verify your account if you do not have credit card, Vcc, Avsvcc,bank verification procedures, USA Bank Account with ATM Debit Card, USA Phone and address verification, verified USA PayPal account and much more. Even if your account has been limited for 180 days do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you to get your money out of the PayPal account or withdraw the money and send it to you. Do not let PayPal run away with your hard-earned money.
The Virtual Credit Card (Vcc) can also be use to verify Adwords, Ebay and Facebook  account. We also offer Virtual Credit Cards (vcc) and AvsVcc for online purchase. This will allow you to make your dream purchase on the internet quickly and securely.
All these services are available for citizens of any country. If you ever ran in any other PayPal related problems we are here to help. Just use the appropriate form to contact us and we will work something out for you.